University Writing Program

Writing Across the Curriculum Program


WAC: Where writing connects students to the curriculum and the curriculum to students.

Writing Across the Curriculum for students:

  • WAC, or "W," courses provide students with an opportunity not only to receive course credit in the discipline of the class, but also - if they earn a grade of C or higher - to satisfy the third quarter English 1C breadth requirement.
  • Prerequisite: English 1B.
  • 3-4 mandatory, assignment-specific workshops per quarter, each requiring a completed "ticket in" assignment.
  • One-on-one tutorial writing support is available.
  • Students should discuss with their academic advisor about when a WAC course should be taken. 

Writing Across the Curriculum for faculty:

  • The UCR Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program is distinguished not only by the robust volunteer efforts of faculty in ten departments, but also by its strong WAC support program, which is crucial to the success of the entire effort.  The WAC Coordinator recruits and cultivates faculty volunteers, and establishes ongoing consultative relationships.  The recent Senate report on the first years of the WAC program, which includes extensive feedback from TAs and participating faculty, has been highly positive.
  • The WAC Program:
    • Pays for approximately half of the discussion TAs in large "W" courses with the proviso that the participating departments keep the student/TA ratios at or below 50:1
    • Organizes mandatory WAC writing seminars that meet with all students enrolled in "W" courses.  These writing seminars meet three to four times a quarter to address the demands of specific "W"-course writing assignments.
    • Requires mandatory TA training for all "W"-course discussion TAs, who must meet weekly with the WAC coordinator and the UWP director in course-specific groups.  Those weekly meetings focus on unpacking the writing assignments, giving productive feedback to students, organizing effective discussion sections, targeting the WAC workshops for maximum impact, and so on.  The TAs have become our greatest advocates for rigorous writing-intensive instruction, which includes challenging assignments and realistic (rigorous) grading.

Faculty with an interest in developing a writing-intensive WAC course or simply finding out more about the WAC program should contact:

Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator

Raymund Papica
UWP Associate Director
Office Location: HMNSS 1102-A
Email: raymund.papica@ucr.edu

UWP Director:

John Briggs
Professor of English
Director, Inland Area Writing Project
Director, University Writing Program
Phone (dialing on campus): 2-7759
Phone (dialing off campus): (951) 827-7759
Office Location: HMNSS 1003
Email: jcbriggs@ucr.edu

 Senate Guidelines for WAC courses


 2018-2019 WAC courses:

  • Fall 2018
    • BUS 100W
      • ENGL007 001
    • CHEM 125W
      • ENGL007 008
    • DNCE 007W
      • ENGL007 005
    • ENGL 102W
    • HIST 020W
      • ENGL007 002
    • HIST 099W
      • ENGL007 003
    • PHIL 003W
      • ENGL007 006
    • POSC 005W
      • ENGL007 004
  • Winter 2019
    • BUS 100W
      • ENGL007 001
    • ENGL 102W
    • ENGR 180W
      • ENGL007
    • PHYS 142W
      • ENGL007 007
    • POSC 005W
      • ENGL007 004
  • Spring 2019
    • TBD

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